We offer camps and individualized workouts for players of all ages, taught by former players and experienced coaches. 



Going to a gym and shooting jumpers at half speed by yourself or with a friend is not going to accomplish very much. You need drills that are going to challenge you and make you a better player.

We have a library of shooting drills used by elite college and pro players.

Also, our shooting machine is state-of-the-art basketball technology designed to increase the amount of shots players can shoot while in the gym. It allows you to shoot over 500 shots in an hour! In addition, to getting all rebounds and passing the ball back to the shooter, it also keeps track of the players shots taken and shots made.



Regardless of the style of basketball your team plays, all players need to be able to handle the ball. The best way for a player to gain confidence in ball handling is through hours of practice.

When doing ball-handling drills I have my players first work on technique, second on speed, and third under pressure or game-like conditions. This can be done first with stationary ball-handling drills, then with basic dribbling drills, and finally with advanced dribbling drills. 



Basketball is a game that revolves around athleticism, and if you are not able to keep up with the players that you are going against it is going to be difficult to get on the floor.

That is why you need to dedicate time and add speed and quickness workouts to your plan. You don’t have to spend hours on it each week, but you do need to spend some time working on it, 15-20 minutes 2 times a week should be fine. Our workouts help you maximize your quickness and speed.